We attended Joe's Sunday class on Performing Arts at SWPP Convention bright 'n early and OMG are sooo thankful we didn't miss out on that one!!!  (You know by Sunday we're all starting to feel just a tad exhausted and so tempted to lie in a wee bit ..loL!)  What a brilliant, inspirational way to start a day!   So I'm just piping in here to say a big THANK YOU to you Joe - we really got so much practical advice from your class and were inspired by your fantastic images and uncomplicated PS tips.   I'm so appreciative of all that you guys are doing and sharing to help us newbies start off with the right foot forward.
A. Lovarco

I agree with all that has been said about this person's masterclass it was inspirational as well as informative. Back at home already working on some pictures I took a long time ago and now realise I can do something with them. Thank you.
A. Knott

Hello Joe. Thank for wonderfull lesson yesterday, and it was nice to talk wit you today.
I realy like what you are doing, and you inspire me a lot. :-)
Best Regards
Svein-Are Tollås - Norway

Hi Joe, Hope your journey home was not too arduous ! great to have met you at PTO and to have been inspired by you .. many thanks.
Treeza Condon

Dear Joe. Just got back from SWPP and wanted to say thank you for your presentation this morning. I found it really helpful and am looking forward to applying some of your techniques to my indian dance pictures. I know that you put a lot of effort into your presentation and it was much appreciated. Once again many thanks.
A. Knott

Hello Joe. I attended your class on photographing the performing arts at the SWPP convention in Hammersmith London on the Sunday morning in January this year. I must say that I attended lots of talks over three days and yours was the one I found the most interesting. Jeremy Gassman (PhotViva, UK)

Dear Joe. My colleague talked to me about you and your photographs. She told you that she has a colleague like you. But she was wrong. Because you are a genius, artist, master and I am just an amateur hobbyist. I have been told that I have an eye for photography, but after I have seen your photographs, I know that I will never be like you. Your photographs are great inspiration...Best regards, Nino

Prosit joe, u are obviously technically perfect but talent is something that is god given and your work is jam packed with talent.
Daniel Coppini
I've watched all or almost all of your uploaded photos. Great stuff... really inspiring :) I feel like going out shooting. Thanks for sharing.
Richard Mizzi

I absolutely loved it :) what an awesome session that was! thank you Joe.
Rosalie Spiteri

Well done Joe and thanks for the session yesterday!
Mike Gatt

Hi Joe! Thanks a lot for your time! Very professional and inspiring! Thanks.
Hilary Spiteri

thks joe for ur time i really learned from ur lesson.
Clayton Abela

Well done for the good workshop you carried out really enjoyed it. Thanks.
Sean Azzopardi

So glad I was introduced to you. Your photography is great!
Sigmund Mifsud. Trumpeter, Musical Director, Arranger. Managing Director BLS Entertainment.

Joe was my photography mentor this year (2011) during which I was preparing my Associateship Level Panel.
He has proved to be an inspiration and a very solid mentor. During the mentoring period, he has guided me diligently and let me be free in developing a style, whilst still guiding me in the right direction."
Therese Debono ASWPP

Dear Joe, Thank you for your very inspirational talk on Sunday at the SWPP Convention. Kind regards, Tim Wood

I think I am falling in Love with all these wonderful images….. you really are a Master! Ray Fitchett. SIGMA Business Development Manager.

We joined the Kevin Casha/Joe Smith Superclass today and got a few cool shots of Illyana, our gorgeous model for the morning. Kevin and Joe wowed us with their portfolios and then gave us all some great posing tips and practical demonstrations. Romana Wyllie